Replay Media Catcher

Replay Media Catcher

Media downloader supporting several sites and capture methods
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Replay Media Catcher can help you download various types of contents from a myriad of online sites. Moreover, it supports other ways to capture video or sound that cannot be downloaded in the traditional way. The program is quite easy to use. In addition to the full interface mode, it also has a compact one, which simplifies its usage even more. Luckily, there is a tutorial to help you understand the application’s basic procedures.

This tool has various ways in which you can create a download job. Thus, you can add a URL manually or drop it onto the program’s window. Besides, you can search for specific contents on various media-sharing sites. Likewise, it can detect live streams and save them to your hard disk. Once a link has been added, the program can also identify available formats and resolutions for you to pick the one you prefer. Fortunately, download jobs can be scheduled to run at a particular time, which lets you avoid “heavy traffic” hours. Finally, the tool also allows converting the grabbed media file to another format.

The application provides various ways in which you can grab audio files. Thus, in addition to standard file downloading, you can extract audio from video as well. Good news is you do not need to worry about naming files because the tool can take care of that automatically using file tags. However, there are always certain sites that use encrypted formats, which makes regular downloading impossible. For these cases, there is a solution as the program can record audio directly with the built-in recorder.

All in all, Replay Media Catcher has the advantage of supporting multiple media types and various methods to grab their contents. In general terms, it worked just as expected. However, it crashed once when I tried to use it offline.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple media-sharing sites.
  • Records live streams automatically.
  • Picks the desired format and definition.
  • Renames files automatically.
  • Records media even when the original contents are encrypted.
  • It supports scheduling download jobs


  • Some stability issues when used offline
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